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Lol, ok, srs time now.

Two good friends of mine are expecting their first baby girls sometime later this summer. I'd like to help them out by taking up some donations either in the form of good condition clothing, toys, baby blankets, etc (no bottles, plz, I'll buy those) or money donations to put towards those items.

I am also open to any suggestions if anyone has them.

So, uh...good plan, y/n?

If you wanna donate some stuff, comment and I'll send you my address through PM! If you wanna toss a couple bucks towards this care package of sorts, paypal me over at gmail.


Oh, I guess the deadline for this will be around July 15, 2010. :3
15th-Sep-2009 12:20 pm - birthdays and Muramasa
First off--Happy birthday, unclemilo! Have a good one!

Second: I beat Muramasa--this includes obtaining all items/swords/clearing the challenge rooms. TWICE.

And I gotta sayCollapse )

Anyhow, work now. Later!
11th-Sep-2009 02:13 pm - So far on Muramasa...
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Um. I beat Kisuke's storyline--without ever equipping a single accessory, because I didn't figure out how. Until later, by accident.

Gotta say, the gameplay and graphics are nice, but it's got nothing on Odin Sphere. Full review later. Gonna try and finish Momohime.
9th-Sep-2009 11:35 pm - The wii finally got me.
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But real post later, ♥

ETA: Beaten Sayo on Kisuke's storyline. XD
12th-Aug-2009 03:31 pm - TODAY IS NOW A WIN
A:TLA//Song - less than 3
First off--



I'm getting ready to head to San Antonio for a quick visit to my uncle's, and then to San Japan. Surprisingly, I only have two complete costumes as of right now--I guess it's time to haul ass and start sewing after I come back. ;A;

And now, if you would pay extra attention to this part:


hanatsukuri is leaving for Japan next month, and so that she can lighten the load of some of her inventory, she's holding a sale.
Plz to be checking out the links HERE.
Whatever doesn't sell before she leaves, I believe I'll try to sell personally. Please give it a look see, there are some pretty nice discounts here for some amazing stuff.

Also, if you're a HP nerd (and if you're on this flist, more than likely, you are. ;D)--these might be relevant to your interests.

8th-Aug-2009 02:34 pm - Moar Hetalia goodness for the Flist
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Go show Yuumei some love for this.

5th-Aug-2009 11:35 pm - So, hai, Hetalia lovers!
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If you are a fan of America, England, France (and Sealand), I have something relevant to your interests. >;3

Also, my friend is selling a chibi-Hetalia button set! Hurry--it's first come, first serve

ETA: Also, I fail because I missed it, but Happy belated to proz!

Speaking of--getting ready for San Japan. If we don't get enough people for the rooms quickly, we're gonna have to drop one. =\ We originally had about 8 or so, but then people started backing out left and right.
30th-Jun-2009 12:00 pm - Oh Squiddy~!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, squidflakes! I hope you have an awesome birthday today!

As for what else is going on, I have work today (thank goodness) and will be home kinda late. I'm also having one of those mornings where I'm up way too damned early, and I'm trying to make the best of it. I just hope I don't crash later.

I think I want to see if I can lose some weight before I head to San Francisco. I'm not overweight, but I just want to be sure I have enough energy to walk all over that city. Though if I drop another size in clothing, it might be a problem...a good problem, but still a costly problem. Hmmm.


Oh yeah, hai Avatards/Soko-tards on the F-list!

suzukiblu is doing another drabble request

As you can see, she is quite skilled at writing for Song.

You know what to do. ♥

Also, don't forget I only have 3 Kanzashi left for sale.

Also, scroll down in my last post, you'll see what I'm offering to you cosplayers/textile artisans out there. ;3

Ok, gonna have omnomnom times, and get ready for work~
29th-Jun-2009 03:28 pm - Following the usual pattern
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As usual, I go quiet for a long time, and then I make a ginormous post, so here goes:

I have concluded, especially after the last week, that June is a particularly fatal month for celebrities. =\

My deepest condolensces to the families and friends of Mr. McMahon, Ms. Fawcett, Mr. Jackson and Mr. Mays.
If I'm missing a few other big names that have passed this month, well, fill them in. Each loss has been utterly tragic
for the pop culture world.

That said, holy crap, a lot of those deaths were fairly unexpected! So much for the month of June being for the brides! D:

I think of those names who have passed, the one I feel most upset for is Michael Jackson and Billie Mays. Ed McMahon was fairly up there in years,
and Farah Fawcett was battling cancer, so they weren't completely out of the blue, though still very depressing. Jackson and Mays though?
Wow. Just wow. Mays was literally a surprise, and I think if anyone had been watching Michael closely over the last decade or so, they might
have seen traces of a problem there. I always felt terrible for him ever since those BS accusations were made, as that's when I can really tell
his attitude and outlook really took a blow. His music videos definitely lost a lot of the playful atmosphere, and the songs definitely got a lot
sadder/angrier/more abstract.

As for Billie Mays, if we are to learn anything from this, it is that you should never take head injuries lightly. =x


In other, slightly more personal news...Collapse )


On the cosplay front, Hinata's dress from her date with Naruto in the Konoha Gakuen Den special
is almost completed. Now I just need to get the hat, shoes and pendant. Possibly the picnic bag if I can swing it. The shoes and hat will only require slight modification. :3 Yay for comfy cosplays!



I'm well aware that fabric can be pretty costly, and hard to come by right now. And the urge to make your own clothing is probably
pretty strong right now, assuming that you're like me and find most of what is available in stores right now to be rather bland and/or unappealing.

Well, I think I can possibly find a decent solution for most cases.

Behold, my supplier.

Get this--James did this in ten minutes and still wasn't able to get a shot of everything available. We're talking literally wall and walls of satin, several barrels of various silks (including china silk lining), a WHOLE ROOM dedicated to spandex/vinyl,
as well as a room for trim, buttons, zippers, elastic, etc. There is another fairly large room with clearance fabric, and whole aisles full of various cottons, polyester, upholstry material, suitings material, etc.

In short, there's a damn good chance I can find what you need for a decent price--for example, shawnyw is also doing a version of Hinata's date dress from the same special, and I was able to get all her material for under $20. That's a good couple of yards of heavy duty satin which is completely hand washable and does not bleed.

So here's the deal--if you're not in my area (Dallas/Fort Worth, TX) and you're in need of some quality fabric for a good price, let me know. I will do my best to make it happen. :3

Also, here is a magnificent bead store just down the street from the fabric store :3

Anyhow, I'm gonna run. I've got a really bad ache in my lower back. DX
18th-Jun-2009 01:38 pm - BIRTHDAY~!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, amberpalette!

Srsly, hope you have a great one! ♥
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